Hell Mode One of the Best Supporter is Dimael

After patch of inserting Hell Mode into all Chapters from 1 to 6.

Dimael is going to be your best Supporter coming back from the Dead.


First reason is, It’s his 3rd skill which Blinds targets that will solve a lot of heavy Dmg coming from Back line such as the Cannon in Map 1-19.


Second Reason is, his 4th skill (Passive Skill) which Ignores armors. Give him appropriate masks for certain maps and he should be enough CC and DPS to help you clear maps. Higher the armor on Mobs, Ignore Def skills and Def. Pene Gear Options shows better efficiency.

black stain.PNG

Third reason is, he is an archer class which provides Def. Pene of 150 (15%) with his T2 skills called Eagle Eye.t2.PNG


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