King’s Raid Beginner’s Guide

King’s Raid Beginner’s Guide


Screenshot_2017-07-04-21-44-20.png4 Things that are important in your adventures.

  1. Hero’s Stars
  2. Hero’s Transcendence Skills
  3. Gear Settings and Levels

Until Chapter 4 you should have problem with default team. From Chapter 5, you will face immune to magic monsters. When you get to Chapter 6, you will face immune to phy monsters. So, prepare 1 magic dealer and 1 phy dealer.

From Chapter 5, you ought to prepare for Chapter 6 meaning start getting gears that actually matters. Items should be given to Tanker, Main Dealer, Sub Dealer and Healer in order.



Try to enjoy your raids, see if you can solo your dragons. If you can’t always ask for help.



Do the daily missions, don’t get stressed over it. For all games, arena starts with maxed level. (Gotta do 3 Times Per day for Misson)


Fragment Runs

Each Chapter has Fragments. Beside the Conquest Map. Go to the Chapter which you can clear.

fragment runs.png

There are many ways to do it.

You can Enter 5 times Once. Each Reset costs rubies. Ruby doubles every time. (100,200..)

  • Ruby 1100 Fragment Run – Using Loot Booster get twice amount of Fragments.
  • Everyday 100 Ruby –  Reset Once
  • Only Resetting During weekends or 10 Time (this comes every two weeks)

Choose what you please, as some people, including me, likes to spend rubies for faster fragments.


Tower of Challenge & Tower of Ordealtoc too.png

Don’t miss these for any reasons. Even if you can’t complete entire floors, keep on challenging them especially Tower of Challenge.

  • Tower of Challenge (TOC) has 60 Floors.
  • Tower of Ordeal has 20 Floors.


Royal Vault


This is where you get all the golds. Also do vault runs when it’s hot time. Any other gold booster dose stack with each other. It has total of 40 Floors.



This is where you obtain skill books for your heros. If you want to spend rubies here, you should reset twice, which will cost you 100+200.

  • You can Enter 5 times Per Day
  • Monday – Knight
  • Tuesday – Warrior
  • Wednesday – Assassin
  • Thursday – Archer
  • Friday – Mechanic
  • Saturday – Wizard
  • Sunday – Priest


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