Kasel is your default warrior and protagonist in King’s Raid Story.

PVE – He is your tanker for every content in King’s Raid. But needs certain type of item build to achieve that.

PVP – He can be used but majority of players choose Naila or Gau over Kasel in the Arena.

The following build is from Jamesyu in Asia Server.

*Skill Attribute Order : 3-2-1-4

*Notice he has 40% Life Leech

*Artifact is Golden Mask (Ultimate for Tankers)

main menu.pnguw.png


Armor Rune is Max HP


Sub Armor Rune is Magic Dodge



Transcend 1 – Attack 30%

Transcend 2 – Tactical Foresight – M Dodge 300 and M.Dmg Taken is reduced by 15%

For more Kasel in Action for better understanding, you can visit the guild’s youtube channel.

Wanderer Guild Channel

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