UpDates July 6th

Luminous Squad Costumes resale 

  • Period : July 6th Thursday ~ until Next MT.
  • Content : During Event time – Alicia and Kiriel costumes are resold.


Battle Tutorial Added

Go through battle tutorial and obtain hero that is related to the content.

Two Raids, 3 Bosses, when you enter these, you can go through the tutorial.

Every tutorial you go through, you will obtain 6 star hero. (Total of 25 is obtainable)

3-2.png3-1.png*Battle Tutorial is can only be done once for each.

*You can not begin tutorial if your hero inventory is full, makes sure to have some space.

Relationship System is being Added



Once you obtain all the heros in relationship, buff will activate.


You can level up Relationship buff with relationship points.

*You can obtain relationship points daily by entering the content.

Battle System Added

  1. Account, Team, Hero Battle Points will appear.
  2. Battle Points includes, hero, pets, player skill, formation, all added

*The Battle Points doesn’t actually affect any contents. It just shows how strong you are.


Just shows your Account’s Battle Points.


Team’s Battle Point is all added from hero, pet, player skill, formation level.


Hero’s Battle Point is added from Hero’s Stats, Potential Skill, Hero Dedicated Item(Skill Option).


Battle Information System Improvement

(I like this one haha)


You can see the skill’s effect in text during battle.

Guild Attendance/Reward/Buff UI improvement

  • When you click Guild Icon in the main lobby, you will automatically obtain, guild attendance, attendance reward, market reward.



Inn Buff is automatic. You don’t have to purchase the buff from the Inn.

Personal Record Manage System Added



Can Check your Personal Records Per Content.


Details of Points, Date, Rank will be shown.

Castle Rush Records will be added later.

Synthesis System Added and Changed

synethesis change.PNG

Aisha Continent New Hero Added

  • These are 2 Star Heros

2 star heros.PNG

  • 3 New Costumes
  • Period : July 6th ~ July 3rd Update
  • Content : New Costumes.

Guild Banned Hero 



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