Dimael is sub dealer & CC controller in your Team.

PVE – He will do well in most contents of PVE as a CC but not so much with Dmg.

With Recent patch on hell mode, his Ignore M.Def has been showing better in Dmg.

PVP – He used to be most picked in arena at one point but due to patch, things worked against him. Especially the mana gain and his attack speed. He is not popular among top tier arena users.

Does he rely on UW?

  • For Dmg – he relies on UW, But if you just want him to be CC for shackle and blind, then he doesn’t need UW.


The following screenshots are from me. It’s not perfect but just general Guide.

Gear Options

  • Attak Speed
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Def. Penetration – For High Level Dragons or High Armor Content




Rune : Critical Damage


Rune : Critical Chance




T2 Eagle eye is recommened to give boost in Def. Pene for our Allies.

Suggested Artifacts


golden cat.PNG


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