New Pets for Seven Knights


Rin’s Pet : All allies gain 3~5 area skill 40% increase in Dmg. It does extra 30% Dmg to Defensive and Universal Heros.

*YooRang swears to protect her from sadness.


Lubu’s Pet : All allies receive 60% Less Dmg from Fixed Dmg. 30% Less Dmg receive from Offensive and Universal Heros.

*Toby : wat!!? I can fly! Master Lubu! I can now faster!


Snipper’s Pet : Daily Dungeon, Enemy’s Attack, Magic, Armor Decreases by 30%

*Jennipper is like old friend and family to Snipper.


May’s Pet : All allies gain 15% increase in Armor. Receive 15% Less Dmg from Universal Heros.

*Bay has finally succeeded in tracking down Joker, Bay is hired by May.


Ruri’s Pet : In Adventure all allies gain 50% increase in Critical Chance. All Enemy’s armor, block chance decreases by 30%.

*My task is to help Ruri. Don’t treat me harshly.


Hayoung’s Pet : Guild Dungeon, All allies Attack and Magic increases by 30%. Enemy’s Armor Decreases by 50%.

*If I swim with emitting lights, people gain energy! Hayoung even complimented me!


Spina’s Pet : All allies Magic increases by 50%. It does 30% More Dmg to Offensive Heros.

*I hope hardworking Spina will one day obtain happiness.


Yushin’s Pet : All allies gain 15% in Attack and Magic. It does 15% More Dmg against Universal Heros.

*He saw potential in Yushin and started to teach him.

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