Selene was your main Physical Dealer. She no longer is. As she was unintentionally nerfed by Vespa. Yet, she can still perform in mid-high levels in PVE and PVP

PVE – She can do decent Dmg in all three raids and shows decent performance in adventures. If you have the luxury to wait for other heros in Inn, or rubies, I suggest get other Phy dealers such as Lakrak or Rodina.

PVP – She can provide good combo with Maria but she needs some prep time and she isn’t one of popular picks in high tier arena.

Is she reliant on UW?

Yes she is, as she still needs the Dmg in PVE.

Skill Order


Gear Options

  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage

The following ScreenShots are from my Selene. Take it as a General Guide.





Rune : Critical Damage


Rune : Critical Chance



T2 : 2nd or 4th is suggested for Dmg Dealing. I put 3rd one to reduce Stockade Mob’s healing power.

Suggested Artifacts


golden cat.PNG

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