Seven Knights Known Bugs

I’ve translated some bug report done by a user. There were many others but I either couldn’t understand or didn’t think it was a bug.

  1. Vanessa’s HP Bug
  2. Relationship HP Bug
    • If you unlock or level up HP related Relationship Buff, Geridus and Monsters in adventure’s HP increases.
  3. Lethal Attack Bug
    • Skill still penetrate through Zombie mode heros. Ex) Ace’s skill which was effected by lethal attack goes through Teo and Kris’s zombie mode.
  4. Come out of CC Bug
    • Enemy is left alone, enemy is in CC, all allies skill is on CD.
    • Turn passes, CC gets removed and uses Skills.
  5. Ace Death – Dmg Increase Bug
    • When Ace dies, he is suppose to give 100% Attack Buff.
    • But when he dies nothing happens.
  6. Raid Bugs
    • Before entering the dragon or Geridus’s HP wasn’t full
    • When you enter, their HP is full.
  7. Player Mastery not applied in Adventure
  8. Chancellor’s skill erasing all Kiriel’s Awakening Skill Buffs.
  9. Live Arena – itself is a bug.

Original Source :

Naver Cafe Seven Knights


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