Suggested Physical Team

There are many heros in King’s Raid and it’s difficult for beginners to choose who is the best for their game.

Here are some suggestions for PVE and PVP if you want Physical Dmg Team.

Phiilop.PNG                  lakrak.PNG                  rodina.PNG                kaulah.PNG

Tanker : Phillop

Sub Dealer and CC : Lakrak

Main Dealer : Rodina

Healer : Kaulah

This is pure Physical Deal Team, it can go through adventures and PVE such as red and ice dragons. Black Dragon you might have to change some heros.

From here if you want to further enjoy your team in PVP. Get Baudouin from Inn.


So, basically you are switching Kaulah for Baudouin. Yet you will have powerful PVP Team.

For Black Dragon


You can Switch Phillop with Gau. This is NOT 100% necessary but it’s a suggestion and Gau’s 3rd skill is irreplaceable for any tanker for Solo Raiding.



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