Which Healer to Choose?

kaulah.PNG  frey.PNG bau.PNG rephy.PNGleo.PNG

In King’s Raid we have 6 healers. All of them are magic type and physical healer is yet to come.


Kaulah – This is the most suggested character. He is great in PVE and PVP. Although he got nerfed in PVP a bit but he is still quite useful. People use him mainly for his 3rd skill and 1st skill to stun combo in raids and elsewhere.


3rd Skill gives you Attack and Attack Speed for whoever is in the Map.


If you Max it out, you will get 350 Critical Chance As well.




4th skill La.PNG

It’s her 4th skill Maxed attribute that gives her benefit over other healers. This is useful in both PVP and PVE.


Frey is your Default Healer.

She isn’t used widely in PVE or PVP but she still brings good shield to your allies.

s3 frey.PNG

It’s her 2nd skill shield to all allies bringing Immunity to Crowd Control that ppl love about her. This skill is very useful in both PVE and PVP.


Baudouin is mainly used for his 3rd skill.

baus e.PNG

The 7 Sec invincibility is so useful for burst Dmg PVP Teams and High Level Raids to counter Dragon’s Breath.


Leo is mainly for PVP. He recently got buffed with his heal but it’s still not enough for beginners to use him in adventures. Leo is heavy counter to Baudouin but in arena actually use both Leo and Bau to counter other teams.


Rephy is your underrated and probably most unpopular healer.

rephy s2.PNG

Rephy’s 2nd skill is quite useful but it’s underrated and actually there are other heros who can provide same effect. Rephy really needs to get Buffed.

In conclusion, for PVE – Kaulah, PVP – Leo or Bau or both.



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