He is healer and Utility Hero.

Most people will pick him for 3rd skill. And 3rd skill Only.

– 7 Sec Invincibility to all allies.

This skill is so popular and widely used that it’s even recommended to get him for raids and pvp.

In PVP. His invincibility can be countered by Leo, Tanya or Nyx, but you can also use Leo and Bau together to have extra advantage over the other team.

He is usually paired with Burst Damage heros such as Rodina, Aisha, Selene.

These 3 heros can do as much as Damage as they want during 7 seconds without any interruption. If other team has no counter, you will probably lose against early burst Damage Combo.

As for PVE, his 3rd skill is widely used to counter Red, Black, Blue Dragons.

  • Red and Black countering Flying Breath.
  • Blue Dragon countering Phase 2 or Phase 3 Pillars.

Gear Options

  • CC Resist
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Chance


  • 3 Mana/Attack

T1 & T2

  • T1 : Attack
  • T2 : 3rd skill – CC to all allies and 1% Recovery

Skill Order

  • 3-1-4-2

Suggested Artifacts

golden mask.PNG




Baudouin Video

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