Gau Tank


Gau is a warrior that is widely used in both PVE and PVP.

For beginners it’s not recommended to get him for adventures. As you might run into problems of clearing maps. Knight class generally tanks better than warrior class.

Gear Options

  • Physical Block
  • Magic Defense
  • HP
  • CC Resist / LifeSteal

I would suggest above 4 gears as options for Gau. They are in priority. You will need Phy.blk to survive in adventure, without it he is pretty much useless as a tanker.



My Gau doesn’t have any Legendary Sets yet, it can tank up to Solo Black Dragon 66.

It can tank probably further but I can’t solo the raid. haha

Suggested Phy. Blk is above 70%.

Once you have obtained that through your gears.


I suggest putting 3 Physical Block Def Runes or Mix them with P.Blk. Def or M.Blk.Def.

Runes for Armors

  • Armor : Physical Block / HP%
  • SubArmor : Magic Dodge


T1 & T2 as above.

T2 : I recommend the 4th one as it will give you total of 55% Magic. Dodge Chance.


Skill Order


3rd skill is a must as you really use Gau for this skill.


When the skill is maxed, you can one shot CC down any Dragons.

Suggested Artifacts



golden mask.PNG

Gau Tank Video

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