Tales of 5 Kingdoms


Game Made by 4.33, it’s soon to be released in Korea on July 27th 2017.

Whether the game supports English Language or it has western server is not known. Hopefully they will have servers for non Korean players.

5 kingdoms.PNG

The game is based on story of 5 kingdoms, each with a king. They would strategically ally and interrupt other kingdoms for their benefits.

traditional menu.png

The Game has bout 115 characters and more to come. Main Menu, character settings are very similar to Seven Knights or similar phone games. The general UI and interface looks very friendly and we shouldn’t have too much problem navigating through the game.


Each Kingdom, Each character has its own Story.

6 types.png

The heros come in 6 types of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light and Darkness

The classes are divided into King, Executionor, Warrior, Mage and Hunter.

power,evolve, transcend.png

The game has power up, evolving and Transcending system which is about 90% same with Seven Knights. For Evolving it requires an item called Core which can be obtained through daily dungeons.

cores mon ~ Sunday.png

Each Day, different Core will Drop.

can change skills.PNG

The Gameplay is much more detailed than Seven Knights, as you can drag heros, change their positions.


For more Details check out the preview video on this Game.

Tales of Five Kingdoms

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