World Boss Team Set Up

world boss face.PNG

The World Boss does Physical Dmg and takes more Magic Dmg.

This actually limits your team Composition. If you don’t have the following characters, it’s unfortunate that you can’t do a lot of damage in this world boss.



Clause and Jane, Viska or Gau

Jane is your main or sub tanker giving your magic dealers buff.

Clause is your main or sub tanker to give more Physical Defense and slowing the casting animation for better healing time.

Viska for more Magic Dmg

Gau for CC and Attack Buff



Arch , Luna or Aisha

Any of these two can be your main dealers. All three require unique weapon so keep that in mind.

Sub Dealers 


Lorraine, Pavel, Epis, Annette or Maria or Dimael

Out of 5, take 3 with good CC. Not all require UW for World Boss.



Laias, Frey, Kaulah or Baudouin

You should take 2 ~ 3 healers for stability.

Also make sure all healers don’t have same trans. 2 skills. They do not stack.

My Suggestion

Jane, Viska, Luna, Aisha, Dimael, Annette, Frey, Kaulah

Main Team

Aisha, Luna, Dimael, Kaulah

Sub Team

Jane, Viska, Annette, Frey

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