World Boss 2 Protianus Guide


S2 Ricardo if you have high HP and Mdef.

Trident will stun you so save your Gau’s s2 to cleanse.

If you don’t cleanse you can’t prepare for next WB skill.

Trident will penetrate everything.

Don’t use Frey’s Shield and Kau’s 2nd skill Heal.

Misunderstanding on Kau’s Heal (It’s not invincible)

Kau’s 2nd skill : Heal

Cast -> Go in to CC Immune -> Start Healing

Against Trident

Cast -> Go in to CC Immune -> Stunned


Against Trident

Stunned -> Gau 2nd skill -> Heal

Brush Away

Use Frey’s Shield it really helps.

Study the motion of WB Brush away skill and time it well.

If you shield afterwards, your frontline will lose so much power.

Water Prison

Counter this with CC Combo – Take down the Boss

Time CC Bar to Gau’s 3rd skill and use it when Boss casts Water Prison.

(The Last CC Caster doesn’t have to be Gau, but that’s how I do it)

Water Prison Tends to Aim at the Main Tank – in my case Ricardo.

If you don’t have CC

  • Try to use Ricardo’s stun skills before getting prisoned
  • This helps CC Rotation into next round preparing for Tsunami or next round Prison.
  • Sometimes the prison will break after sometime (Not sure how many seconds)
    • But waiting method, you might all die before prison breaks.


It hurts a lot.

So use Frey’s shield to cover up the dmg.

Debuff will still penetrate and you will lose Mana & Attack

If you are controlling Laias, can use S3 to counter some mana loss.

Tsunami can be countered by Bau’s Shield but not recommended as you won’t have enough CD to rotate for second Tsunami and not easy to control with Oddy.

You Can CC TsunamiĀ 

Try squeezing enough CC to take down Tsunami. Biggest problem is sometimes Tsunami comes after Water Prison. So, you might lack CC or some skills are in CD. This is where you need sufficient CC Characters and time CC.



They are summoned Every 20 seconds.

You can use M.Dmg here so if you don’t have AOE P.dmg bring M.dps for ghosts.

If you have Nyx, it solves most of the Ghost problems.

Problem with Ghosts

  • If Ghosts are summoned on DPS time, your dmg goes to Ghosts.
  • If you can’t burst Ghosts, they become more Tankier
  • If you can’t burst Ghosts, Kaulah’s S1 Stun won’t go into World Boss




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